Icon Item Welder


Constructs blocks from component items

Mass:5 kg
Volume:8 L

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The Icon Item Welder Welder is one of the starting tools that players are given at the start of every new world loaded. It allows the player to assemble ship and station blocks, while utilizing their suits energy stores.

Right clicking on an incomplete block will search the player's inventory for any needed components and immediately add them to the construction stockpile. Holding down the left mouse button will add progress to construction while draining the player's suit power at an increased rate. Progress can only be made if the stockpile has components available to supply the current step of construction. Each step must be completed in order, going from the bottom of the list to the top.


There are now three better, upgraded versions of each of the main four tools available for creation at the Assembler. Below is a comparison of all four welders. Values for speed and energy consumed are tested on one heavy armor block at "realistic" speed and are all approximate. "Energy Used" is especially questionable because of the slow update speed of the suit's energy value on your GUI. Values for each metal is what is required to assemble each welder on the "realistic" setting.

Welder Upgrades Speed (Sec.) Energy Used (Suit %) Iron (Fe) Nickle (Ni) Cobalt (Co) Silicon (Si) Silver (Ag) Platinum (Pt)
Standard 24 6.6 5 1 0.2 0 0 0
Enhanced 16 4.6 5 1 0.2 2 0 0
Proficient 12 2.8 5 1 0.2 0 2 0
Elite 5 2 5 1 0.2 0 0 2