Window, Vertical
Icon Block Vertical Window


Fits large ship and station
Mass:116 kg

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The Icon Block Vertical Window Vertical Window is a block in Space Engineers. It helps provide a view of the scene outside and is entirely decorative, providing no real functional purpose. It will not contribute to an airtight room. It can be difficult to see out of due to half-closed shutters on the window.

Vertical Window Are more useful when you have tons of iron but not much silicon to make normal windows. Otherwise they aren't to useful because of the fact that it is hard to see out of, but could be used as vent grates and then would look good.

Despite being a window, the Vertical Window is composed entirely of iron. Due to iron's relative abundance, this might make it a lower priority when salvaging ships.


Icon Block Vertical Window Vertical Window
ComponentLarge Ship/Station
Large Ship/Station
Icon Item Small Steel Tube Small Steel Tube4
Icon Item Construction Component Construction Component8
Icon Item Interior Plate Interior Plate12

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