Version 01.019.013 {{{Type}}}

Release Date: 24 Feb 2014

Update 01.019.010 has been released. We have implemented the synchronization of inventory in Multiplayer, added the name tag above the player’s character and the option to disable the headbob.


  • inventory synchronization in Multiplayer
  • player’s name tag above character (will be replaced later by correct radio visibility with ID)
  • game option: disable headbob
  • added more space in G screen for modders
  • added more sounds
  • asteroids are now visible from a larger distance


  • fixed door animation (instant closing in some cases)
  • fixed shadow stripes visible with some FOV settings
  • fixed sound fade-out for looping sounds

Update 01.019.012

  • fixed shadow not rendered bug
  • fixed teleporting ship in distance larger than 10 km from center
  • fixed small cargo container inventory highlight

Update 01.019.013

  • fixed deleting character in cockpit using CTRL+X
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