Standard Station
Stations are made of Blocks about 125 times larger than the volume of Small Ship blocks. This does not mean that the mass and costs are increased by 125 times. Some blocks are only available in Stations/Large Ships and some are not available as Station blocks.

If "Station Voxel Support" is on, Stations that are not anchored by at least one block embedded into an asteroid will float freely throughout space. Otherwise, Station blocks are attached to a fixed global grid and cannot be moved.

  • Stations are started with a large Light Armor Block.
  • When copy/pasting a station, it will move in a grid aligned to the copied station. This allows the engineer to connect a pasted station to a pre-existing station.
  • Stations can be converted into Large Ships by going into the terminal, selecting the far right Info Tab, and clicking the "Convert to Ship" button.
  • Conversely, large ships can be merged with stations for the opposite effect using the Merge Block.
  • Station Blocks are allowed to be partially placed in Asteroids
  • Stations cannot have thrusters. If a thruster is added to a station, it will be inactive, regardless of power.
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