Icon Block Spotlight

Category:Functional Block

Provides a large amount of light. Unlike the Icon Block Interior Light Interior Light, it casts shadows.

Fits small ship
Mass:31 kg
Power:unknown MW
Range:variable m

Fits large ship and station
Mass:460 kg
Power:unknown MW
Range:variable m

Data Controls: [edit] [purge] (?)

The Icon Block Spotlight Spotlight is a block that can be added to large and small ships. Much like the Interior Light, it is used to provide illumination. Unlike the interior light, however, the spotlight is best suited to use on the outside of ships to function as a floodlamp. The spotlight has a hefty influence on game performance compared to other items and can put a strain on some computers.

Also like the interior light, the spotlight's features can be changed in the terminal:

  • Color (R G B): The color of the light.
  • Radius: How wide the beam of light will be.
  • Falloff: How quickly the light dims as distance from the lens increases.
  • Intensity: The brightness of the light as it leaves the lens.
  • Blink Interval: The amount of time it takes for one on/off cycle.
  • Blink Length: The percentage of the interval for which the light remains on.
  • Blink Offset: The percentage of the interval before the light turns on.


Icon Block Spotlight Spotlight
ComponentLarge Ship/Station
Large Ship/Station
Small Ship
Small Ship
Icon Item Bulletproof Glass Bulletproof Glass2
Icon Item Large Steel Tube Large Steel Tube2
Icon Item Construction Component Construction Component201
Icon Item Interior Plate Interior Plate201
Icon Item Steel Plate Steel Plate81


Interface Name:

  • IMyReflectorLight


  • float Radius
  • float Intensity
  • float BlinkIntervalSeconds
  • float BlinkLenght
  • float BlinkOffset

Terminal Properties:

  • Color -> Color
  • Radius -> Single
  • Falloff -> Single
  • Intensity -> Single
  • Blink Interval -> Single
  • Blink Lenght -> Single
  • Blink Offset -> Single


  • OnOff -> Toggle block On/Off
  • OnOff_On -> Toggle block On
  • OnOff_Off -> Toggle block Off
  • IncreaseRadius -> Increase Radius
  • DecreaseRadius -> Decrease Radius
  • IncreaseBlink Interval -> Increase Blink Interval
  • DecreaseBlink Interval -> Decrease Blink Interval
  • IncreaseBlink Lenght -> Increase Blink Length
  • DecreaseBlink Lenght -> Decrease Blink Length
  • IncreaseBlink Offset -> Increase Blink Offset
  • DecreaseBlink Offset -> Decrease Blink Offset


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