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From Lilbigmouth (talk):

  • Convert the infobox template for portability, losing minimal information.
  • Create References and See also headings on each article.
  • Correct all icons for Beta version of the game. This includes blocks, components, and tools.
  • Create an "ore calculator". This means that a player can enter what they plan to build, and in return see the amount of ore that it would require.
  • Create a Creative mode tutorial.
  • Find out how to obtain data, such as which components make up a block, from the game files.
    • Use the above to maintain data.
  • Create a useful Spoiler template.
  • If a block is functional, show its settings as a screenshot and explain each setting.
  • Get this site to a stage where it would be silly not to make this wiki the "official" one.
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