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Small Ships are made of Blocks about 1/125th (0.8%) the volume of Large Ship and Station blocks. That is, the base unit is 0.5m rather than 2.5m. This does not mean that the mass and costs are reduced to 0.8%. Some blocks are only available in small ships and some are not available as small ship blocks. Small Ships are started with small Landing Gear. These ships are typically used for short range travel or for fighting against other small ships.

Typically more maneuverable than large ships these craft are a key stepping stone in survival as they are capable of transporting the player in a method safer than the jet pack but are also able to do activities such as mining and repairing.

Small ships also only use small-grid type blocks. When attempting to add a new block to a small-grid such as a ship, the small-grid version will automatically be selected. Please note that if a block does not have a small-grid version, it will not be able to be added.

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