Icon Block Rotor

Category:Functional Block

Allow controlled rotation of all blocks attached to its upper arm.

Fits small ship
Mass:168.2 kg

Fits large ship and station
Mass:576.4 kg

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The Icon Block Rotor Rotor acts as a swivel for rotating structures on stations and ships. The rotor will conduct power and computer access from one part to another (the Advanced Rotor also connects to the Conveyor system). Blocks on different sections will appear in different colors in the control panel.

Rotors are composed of two sections: the larger external casing (called stator) and the inner shaft with an attachment plate (the rotor itself). While axially aligned, these parts allow some minor movement; if enough are chained together they can even be forced to loop around. Also, though added to the frame as one part, these parts are welded separately, forgetting this will cause rotor plate to disappear.

A workaround using rotors permits full integration of small and large blocks. This is detailed below.


The Rotor can be accessed through the Terminal to adjust many features, including:

  • Torque - the strength of the rotor to overcome block mass and external resistance;
  • Braking Torque - the strength of the rotor to hold the mass of attached blocks when the rotor has been stopped;
  • Velocity - the number of rotations per minute (positive is clockwise, negative is counter clockwise);
  • Lower Limit - farthest point in degrees the rotor will rotate counter clockwise.
  • Upper Limit - farthest point in degrees the rotor will rotate clockwise.
  • Displacement - distance the head of the rotor is from the base (added update 1.040).

The terminal also provides a reverse button that will invert the velocity. Rotors can be grouped to share some controls.

Functional Block Separation

Like Icon Block Piston Pistons, functional Blocks that are not separated by Rotors will appear white in the control panel. Blocks with only one rotor separating them will be a light orange, while blocks beyond additional rotors will start yellow and gradually transition to a darker green with each rotor separating them from the access point.

Workaround to Merge Small and Large Blocks

Usually both sections in a rotor are added and removed together, but with careful aiming they can be individually targeted and dismantled/removed with Ctrl+X. This requires that the world be in Creative mode with copy/paste enabled.

Furthermore, large rotors can fit small stators and vice-versa. Constructing one set of each and dismantling/removing the unwanted sections leaves the other, which can then be moved about. When properly aligned, the stator will be able to attach to the rotor, pulling itself into position in the same manner as Connectors and Merge Blocks (warning: if handling large masses, damage may ensue).


Icon Block Rotor Rotor
ComponentLarge Ship/Station
Large Ship/Station
Small Ship
Small Ship
Icon Item Computer Computer21
Icon Item Motor Motor41
Icon Item Small Steel Tube Small Steel Tube1
Icon Item Large Steel Tube Large Steel Tube4 (+24 for the head)
Icon Item Construction Component Construction Component10
Icon Item Steel Plate Steel Plate105 (+30 for the head)32




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