Rocket Launcher
Icon Block Rocket Launcher


Launches an explosive missile

Fits small ship
Mass:220.2 kg
Capacity:240 L
Power:200 W

Fits large ship and station
Mass:1,533.8 kg
Capacity:1,140 L
Power:200 W

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The Icon Block Rocket Launcher Rocket Launcher is a weapon block. It is a particularly devastating weapon against lightly armored vessels, small or large. A single hit from a rocket on such a target damages blocks in a 4m radius. Rockets will self detonate after 800m. Rockets are most effectively used as a knockout punch to both small and large ships, specifically in the surgical destruction of vital areas such as cockpits, thrusters, and reactors.

Automated turrets can be set to target missiles in flight, attempting to shoot them down. If two missiles come within close proximity (about 8m) they will both detonate.

Heavy Armor is much more resilient against missile attacks, although blocks underneath it are often gravely damaged if they're within the blast radius. Still, it is vastly superior against missile attacks than its lightweight counterpart.

Shot Rocket Entity

When a Rocket Launcher used to Shoot a Shot Rocket Entity appears. The entity itself looks identical to the dropped 200mm missile container's appearance and it's hitbox is similar to it in sizes. The entity appears at a ~125cm distance from the Rocket Launcher's end. This makes a 2-3 small block obstacle/coverage in front of the launcher's end possible. The rockets appear in order in front of the Rocket Launcher's holes, meaning that a long 40cm (1 small block wide) tube is not creatable for a Rocket Launcher without an accident because the individual rockets appear in the side of this tube. This problem won't occur for Larger Ships as all shooting hole points of a Large Ship Rocket Launcher is located further away from the sides of the block. The Rocket entity immediately accelerates to 200m/s speed upon shoot and will not go faster. When shooting in the direction of travel from a ship that's travelling faster than 200m/s, the ship will catch up to the Rocket which appeared ~125 meters in front of the Rocket Launcher, and will cause an explosion on impact. The direction of travel at the moment of shoot will not be calculated for the entity's direction or speed. The Rocket Entity will always travel in a straight line and will not have vertical or horizontal speed. Gravity can't affect these Entities. The Rocket will self explode after 800 meters of travel.


Rocket Launchers have an inventory with a volume of 240L with Realistic settings. This volume is the same for both large and small ship versions. It will only accept 200mm missile containers as ammunition, of which it can hold four.

If a large ship launcher is connected to a conveyor system, it will automatically pull more ammo from other inventories as it runs low. The small ship version will only interface with small conveyors, which cannot transport its ammunition, so they must be reloaded manually. An alternative version for small ships is available which can reload automatically.


The Rocket Launcher requires 200 W of power when placed on small ships, large ships, and stations. It cannot be turned off.


Icon Block Rocket Launcher Rocket Launcher
ComponentLarge Ship/Station
Large Ship/Station
Small Ship
Small Ship
Icon Item Computer Computer41
Icon Item Motor Motor61
Icon Item Large Steel Tube Large Steel Tube254
Icon Item Construction Component Construction Component82
Icon Item Steel Plate Steel Plate201513



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