The Respawn Ship (Rescue Ship) is a type of Pre-Built Ship that the player will spawn creating a new world using the Asteroids map. Additionally, players who die without a linked and powered Medical Room will respawn in a new Rescue Ship at a distant location in the system. It is also known as Respawn Ship 1 in game.


When it spawns, the ship will have some damaged and deformed blocks making up its hull. The ship is a good starting point for new players as it contains all of the vital components for travel, refining, assembling and storage. It doesn't have much fuel, so the player will have to secure a supply of uranium quickly to survive.


It is possible to farm this ship for all the materials needed in Survival mode simply by powering down any Medical Rooms linked to the player, then committing suicide. Using this method, the player will have to do very little or no mining to progress in the game. However, this trick only works if the "Delete respawn ship" setting is disabled.

Oddly enough this ship has not changed all that much from Early Alpha. Beta has given it twelve small Ion Thrusters (originally it had less), one 20px Oxygen Generator, and replaced its 20px Door with a Sliding Door. Regardless the ship is the go-to ship for respawning in just about any map.

Rescue ship profile

A profile view of the ship; starboard side. As seen from Early Alpha.

Other Respawn options:
  1. Respawn Ship (Rescue Ship this page)
  2. Respawn Ship 2
  3. Respawn Ship 3
  4. Small drill ship
  5. Escape Pod
  6. Space Suit
  7. Atmospheric_Lander_mk.1
    1. Location Earth a.k.a. PlanetaryLander
    2. Location Mars a.k.a. Mars Planet Lander
    3. Location Alien Planet a.k.a. Alien Planet Lander  


Blocks: 118

Non-armor blocks: 48

Conveyors: 24

Thrusters: 12

Lights: 2

Spotlights: 0

Gravity generators: 0

Triangles: 332,163

Grid mass: 155,569 Kilograms

Physical shapes: 135/65536


The Rescue Ship contains the following blocks:



  • The ship is built using Light Armor Blocks. 
  • When a player spawns in one, there is a set amount of uranium in the ship (0.20Kg).
  • The ship features a Collector on the dorsal aft end and a Connector on the ventral aft end.