Private Sail forward port

The Private Sail is a lightly-built Large Ship that spawns when the "Cargo

Ships" option is enabled in the world options. It features a number of Solar Panels and a Small Reactor, providing it with significant power. Despite its low mass, it has poor acceleration due to minimal thrusters. The ship itself is really quite light and highly maneuverable. It appears to be the smallest Large grid respawn ships to spawn in space. Finally, it has a grid mass of 87,477 Kg composed of 78 blocks and 37 non armor blocks.


With Update 1.045, the Private Sail was armed with two interior turrets, mounted outside behind each of the side thrusters. Capturing it is a simple matter of evading the turrets until they run out of ammo and then getting to the cockpit. The entrance is located at the back of the ship, between the three ramps and the thruster.  The Private Sail is not trapped.


Blocks: 78

Non-armor blocks: 37

Conveyors: 9

Thrusters: 6

Lights: 0

Spotlights: 0

Gravity generators: 0

Artificial masses: 0

Triangles: 247,203

Grid mass: 87,477 Kg

Physical shapes: 122 / 65,535

Ship Name: Large Ship 7646

Official Name: Private Sail

Cruise speed: ~ 12 meters per second


Maneuvering systems

Defensive systems

Power systems

Cargo systems

Utility systems


Respawn ship Inventories are estimates not exact integers.

  • 20x 5.56x45mm NATO magazines
  • 8x Construction
  • 12x Solar Cells


  • Its large container typically has a few components for solar panels.
  • The ship lacks any sort of conveyor system. The Small Reactor, located on the bottom of the ship, must be refueled manually.
  • This ship, like most of the other Cargo Ships, was changed with Version 01.045.  The new design includes an antenna at the front, two interior turrets on the sides, and additional catwalk blocks on the large cargo container.