Mining Transport front

A view from the front.

Mining Transport front starboard

The Mining Transport is a yellow, U-shaped mining operations ship that spawns when the "Cargo Ships" option is enabled in the world options. It has two large cargo containers. It is reasonably nimble for its size, and has a very unusual landing gear layout on the front, as seen in the photo. The conveyor placement is set up for docked cargo transfer.


Blocks: 251

Non-armor blocks: 94

Conveyors: 45

Thrusters: 17

Lights: 6

Spotlights: 2

Gravity generators: 1

Artificial masses: 0

Triangles: 614,463

Grid mass: 389,908

Physical shapes: 303 / 65,536

Ship Name: Large Ship 1708

Official Name: Mining Transport

Cruise speed: ~10 meters per second

Calls for Reinforcement: Yes


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The ship is best approached from above. The upper engines and the height of the two upper portions of the ship act to minimize exposure to the turrets at the lower end. Match course and speed and then drop in from 'above' for the safest approach. Once on board, seek out the control seat, most easily found as one of the two beacon signals. Reclaim it and then activate inertial dampening. Carefully grind out the two turrets, preferably by eliminating blocks underneath them. Doing so will render the ship mostly safe.

Alternatively, the ship's two Small Reactors are visible from the outside of the ship. Approach from the back and destroy them with ship weapons to power down the entire ship.


Maneuvering systems

Defensive systems

Power systems

Cargo systems

Utility systems


All Inventory materials are approximations and are not exact integers. Engineers' results may widely vary.

  • 180x 25x184mm NATO ammo container
  • 5x 5.56mm NATO magazine
  • 2,150 kg Magnesium Ore
  • 2,368 kg Cobalt Ore
  • 1,496 kg Silicon Ore


  • The conveyor system does not connect to the incomplete Refinery. Even if it is later completed, its inventory panels will not line up. This can be easily corrected by adding one more Conveyor to the top.
  • Update 01.030 changed the layout of this ship. Mining Transports spawned into the world prior to the update will have different features which are detailed here.


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