Military Minelayer front starboard

The Military Minelayer is a medium-sized, heavily armored ship that spawns

when the "Cargo Ships" option is enabled in the world options. It has an open cargo bay full of Warheads. It moves and turns slowly due to its relative lack of thrusters and high mass.



Conveyors: 57

Thrusters: 24

Lights: 3

Spotlights: 0

Gravity Generators: 1

Artificial masses: 0

Triangles: 1,097,163

Grid Masses: 1,777,126 Kg


Maneuvering systems

Defensive systems

Power systems

Cargo systems

Utility systems

  • 2x Antenna (Hostiles detected - Requesting Backup)1
  • 1x Beacon (named "Military Minelayer")
  • 1x Gravity Generator


  • The ship has many warheads, some of which are in plain view. A few well-placed missiles can trigger a chain reaction detonating the ship's warheads. The downside is that most of the ship's more valuable components will be destroyed completely.
  • Update 01.030 changed the layout of this ship. Military Minelayers spawned into the world prior to the update will have different features which are detailed here.


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Trap Type Location Screenshot(s)
Thruster bomb A thruster bomb trap is hidden behind a set of ramp pieces, just forward of the warheads stacked in the rear. It is possible to fly between the stacks of warheads diagonally to reach the front of the compartment and grind away one of the ramps to find one thruster with two more warheads not included in the total number above.

Small Thruster 22.

2014-04-14 00006

The minelayer's "trunk." The second trap is behind the bombs.


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