SPRT Military Escort , portside rear 12/18/2016

The Military Escort is a small, but heavily-armed military ship that spawns when the "Cargo Ships" option is enabled in the world options. As the name suggests, it is likely designed to accompany ships in need of protection. Its cargo holds contain a significant amount of ammunition for its turrets, as well as some small arms and repair components.
Military Escort isometric

A view from the top and left.

Ever since the middle of the year 2016, recent updates of the Military Escort vessel include the capability of summoning assistance in the form of Incisor_mk.1 drones. These simple drones close the distance with the Engineer and target the Engineer often directly.


Blocks: 223

Non-armor blocks: 100

Conveyors: 55

Thrusters: 13

Lights: 3

Spotlights: 0

Gravity generators: 1

Artificial masses: 0

Triangles: 669,888

Grid mass: 347,606 Kg

Physical shapes: 256 / 65,536

Ship Name: Large Ship 7910

Official name: Military Escort


Maneuvering blocks

Defensive blocks

Power systems

Cargo systems

Utility blocks


  • The Military Escort is well-armed and hostile. Its turrets have a comprehensive zone of fire, making it nearly impossible to approach safely. Be prepared for a fight.
  • All inventories are connected to the ship's conveyor system, including its reactors and turrets.
  • Update 01.030 changed the layout of this ship. Military Escorts spawned into the world prior to the update will have different features which are detailed here.
  • The ship is 18 Blocks long, 9 Blocks wide, and 7 Blocks tall (45.00m X 22.50m X 17.50m).
  • As of Update 1.192, the ship was renamed Cargoship_Military1


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