Cargo Container, Medium
Icon Block Medium Cargo Container


Cargo containers allow players to store and retrieve items.

Fits small ship
Mass:150.8 kg
Capacity:3,375 L

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The Icon Block Medium Cargo Container Medium Cargo Container is a block in Space Engineers. It serves as inventory storage.

It is only available on Small Ships, and is a 3x3x3 cube (the same size as a Cockpit).


With Realistic settings, the Medium Cargo Container has an inventory with a capacity of 3,375L on Small Ships (it is not available for Large Ships or Stations). This can be accessed by highlighting its inventory panel and pressing 'I'. The inventory accepts all items, acting as general storage.

If attached to a conveyor system, the container is flagged to receive pushed items from and send pulled items to other blocks.[1] The Medium Cargo Container sports 2 small conveyor ports on opposite sides, and another 2 large ports on another pair of opposite sides, while the third pair of opposing sides are only structural.


Icon Block Medium Cargo Container Medium Cargo Container
ComponentSmall Ship
Small Ship
Icon Item Computer Computer4
Icon Item Display Display1
Icon Item Motor Motor6
Icon Item Construction Component Construction Component10
Icon Item Interior Plate Interior Plate2010


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