Thruster, Large
Icon Block Large Thruster


Provides thrust to ships.

Fits small ship
Mass:721 kg
Power:-400 kW
Force:218,250 N

Fits large ship and station
Mass:43,212 kg
Power:-6.72 MW
Force:1,815,000 N

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See also: Small Thruster.

The Icon Block Large Thruster Large Thruster provides a significant amount of force in a single direction. Placement of any thruster will provide thrust in a single direction at the center of mass regardless of placement. It should be noted that now that there are more thruster types; all data on this page refers to the Large Ion Thruster. This is due to the fact that Keen Software House has renamed the block.

Large Thrusters can be set to continuously provide force with the "Thrust Override" function. For Large Ship Thrusters, this is from 36 KN to 3.6 MN. For Small Ship Thrust this is 1.44 KN to 144 KN.

See Thruster mechanics for more details about this block's effects.
Other Thrusters include:


The power consumed by a Large Thruster depends on whether or not it is active or used for inertial dampening. The dampening value only applies if the thruster is activated automatically to slow the ship, not when responding to play commands, even if dampeners are turned on at the time. In this state, power consumption is 50% greater than firing thrusters manually.

Small Ship Large Ship
Idle 2 W 2 W
Firing 2.4 MW 33.6 MW
Dampening 3.6 MW 50.4 MW


A Large Thruster takes up a 2x3x4 block space on both large and small ships. It attaches to other blocks on its cube-shaped section, but does not attach on the thruster cone. The thruster flame takes up to 7 blocks after the thruster cone (so if you are building thrusters inside of your ships, always leave at least 3 empty blocks for the flames).


Icon Block Large Thruster Large Thruster
ComponentLarge Ship/Station
Large Ship/Station
Small Ship
Small Ship
Icon Item Thruster Components Thruster Components96012
Icon Item Large Steel Tube Large Steel Tube405
Icon Item Construction Component Construction Component703011
Icon Item Steel Plate Steel Plate1005014


As of Update 01.022, thrusters will deal damage to blocks and players in the Survival game mode.

As of Update 1.040, thrusters can now be toggled, meaning used without a cockpit and set in a state of constant firing. This allows for both non-cockpit navigation, as well as un-manned craft such as missles.


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