Jump Drive

Category:Functional Component

Fits large ship and station
Mass:36,580 kg
Capacity:3 MWh
Power:-32 MW
Range:Base: 2,000,000 m

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Jump Drive , Beta 1.166 12/19/2016

The jumpdrive is a block that allows the large grid vessel to travel long distances and can be equip on big ships. All players sitting, or resting in cryochambers will jump to the distance set on the jump drive. Jump drives have priority when charging, which means they will consume the power first before thrusters and Icon Block Gyroscope Gyroscopes will receive power. Multiple Jump Drives do not add to the distance but instead allow for multiple sequential jumps. Jump Drives automatically work in tandem with other Jump drives on the Large grid and will proceed to hog power until fully charged. If this is detrimental to your actions it is recommended the pilot of the vessel shut down this equipment. Vessel movement is not required to jump. GPS locations are not required to jump with Jump Drives but it can be used for faster travel. Jump Drives do not require inertia to function and they do not stop the Jumping Vessel's momentum. Jump Drives will not work in gravity wells or if the target location is blocked by an asteroid. However, there are instances of Jump drives jumping vessels into the middle of hollowed out asteroids. To jump move the block on to the hot bar and press J.


Icon Block Empty Jump Drive
ComponentLarge Ship/Station
Large Ship/Station
Small Ship
Small Ship
Icon Item Construction Component Construction Component40
Icon Item Computer Computer300
Icon Item Empty Superconductor Conduits1000
Icon Item Power Cell Power Cell120
Icon Item Detector Components Detector Components20
Icon Item Empty Gravity Comp.20
Icon Item Metal Grid Metal Grid50
Icon Item Large Steel Tube Large Steel Tube40
Icon Item Steel Plate Steel Plate2020
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