Incisor mk.1

Incisor mk.1 firing

Incisor mk.1 front SE version 1.181.0 6/20/2017

This pirate drone is the defensive drone summoned by the Military Escort ship. Upon approaching 1.5km from the Military Escort ship the Incisor is summoned 1km away from the ship in distress. This hardly takes any time at all and the Incisor_mk.1 will make its way as swiftly as possible towards the Engineer and/or the Engineers vessel.

Incisor mk.1 starboard

It is smart enough to pursue the Engineer, but not cautious enough to not aim through an allied vessel. It is however clumsy enough to bump into an allied vessel in order to make a quick route towards its victim. Armed with one Gatling Gun, this drone is more of a distraction for its opponent. Incisor_mk.1 will flee if its turret is destroyed.


Blocks: 130

Non-armor blocks: 33

Conveyors: 19

Thrusters: 11

Lights: 4

Triangles: 293, 139

Grid Mass: 178,865 Kg
Incisor rear



  • 8x 25x184mm NATO ammo container
  • 40 Kg Uranium Ingots

SPRT Incisor_mk.1 , front side , Military Escort in background. Beta 1.166 12/19/2016

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