Turret, Gatling
Icon Block Gatling Turret


Fits large ship and station
Mass:883 kg
Capacity:384 L
Power:-2 kW
Force:50 Ns/shot N
Range:800 m

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The Icon Block Gatling Turret Gatling Turret is a block in Space Engineers which can be placed on Large Ships and Stations. As of the planetary update, it became able to be used on small ships. It was present in the game in a nonfunctional state, finally becoming operational in update 01.027.


Gatling Turrets can be set to automatically open fire on any meteors, moving objects, missiles, characters, small ships, large ships, and stations within range. It will fire on Icon Block Decoy Decoys regardless of its settings and will give them priority over other targets. The turret's detection range can also be set anywhere between 1 m and its maximum 800 m. Gatling Turrets deal 60 damage per shot, and fire at 600 RPM - slightly slower than the Icon Block Gatling Gun Gatling Guns' 700 RPM.

When it targets an object, a red tracer laser designates the object it is firing upon. Otherwise, the laser will be green and will "scan" space, although the turret can detect targets in range regardless of the direction it is currently facing. Idle Turret Movement can be disabled via the terminal.

As of update 01.051 turrets can be manually controlled through a cockpit. This can be done by entering the terminal and clicking on the "Control" button or by adding the turret to the toolbar. Players can end manual control by pressing 'T'.

Gatling Turrets are a reliable short-range automatic defense against meteors. Since meteors always spawn from the same general direction (near the sun, in default skybox) you can save a lot of ammunition by placing friendly blocks in front of the turret - so it won't turn and fire at meteors that are already going away from it. That is, put blocks so it can't fire away from the sun.


  • If a Gatling Turret's line of sight is blocked by the ship it is attached to, it will stop firing until it has a clear shot. If a player or a different ship comes between the turret and its target, it will continue to fire regardless. While a ship will not fire upon itself, blocks attached by rotors are considered a separate ship. As a result, it is crucial to place turrets with care.
  • Setting both a Gatling Turret's and friendly object's ownership to "Me" is insufficient to prevent friendly fire. If the sharing setting of a Gatling Turret set to fire at moving objects does not match the sharing setting of a targetable moving friendly object (e.g. your small ship) the Gatling Turret will fire at the moving friendly object (e.g., your small ship).


Gatling Turrets have an inventory which can hold a volume of 64L with Realistic settings. It will only accept Icon Item 25x184mm NATO ammo container 25x184mm NATO ammo containers, of which it can hold four. The turret has an inventory panel on the underside of its base, which can be connected to a conveyor system to automatically fetch ammo from storage.


The turret requires a 3x3x3 space to be placed. It attaches to other blocks only at the base of the turret.


Icon Block Gatling Turret Gatling Turret
ComponentLarge Ship/Station
Large Ship/Station
Icon Item Computer Computer10
Icon Item Motor Motor8
Icon Item Large Steel Tube Large Steel Tube1
Icon Item Small Steel Tube Small Steel Tube6
Icon Item Construction Component Construction Component255
Icon Item Steel Plate Steel Plate515



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