Gatling Gun
Icon Block Gatling Gun


Fires a constant volley of bullets

Fits small ship
Mass:124.2 kg
Capacity:64 L
Power:200 W

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The Icon Block Gatling Gun Gatling Gun is a block in Space Engineers that can be attached to a small ship, allowing it to fire small projectiles in rapid succession. The projectiles the Gatling Gun fires causes damage to blocks upon contact.

In addition, the kinetic force of the bullets being fired will be applied to your ship (recoil) just as Newton's laws say it will. Beware when building; Gatling Guns should be mounted either centered, or symmetrically. Misplaced guns will make flying and shooting in a straight line almost impossible (and very dangerous).

To operate the Gatling Gun, press the "g" button to open the hotbar menu, switch to the Weapons and Tool section, and drag the Gatling Gun icon to the hotbar. LMB (Left Mouse Button) fires the gun, RMB (Right Mouse Button) currently has no function. Gatling gun fires 40-50 rounds of ammunition per second (exact number is unknown due to sizeable observational error).

Due to lag in multiplayer games, Gatling Guns may burn out if the game considers that bullets fired hit the machinegun. This can be prevented by shooting when the ship isn't moving or is moving backward.


Gatling Guns have an inventory which can hold a volume of 64L with Realistic settings. It will only accept 25x184mm NATO ammo containers, of which it can hold four.


The Gatling Gun consumes 200 W of power when placed on small ships. It can be turned off using either the control panel or by grouping the guns together and saving the as a group and then using "G" to drag the group to your hot bar and select "Toggle Block". If you want to turn it off on the exterior you can do the same just with a button panel rather than the "G" menu.


Icon Block Gatling Gun Gatling Gun
ComponentSmall Ship
Small Ship
Icon Item Computer Computer1
Icon Item Motor Motor1
Icon Item Small Steel Tube Small Steel Tube3
Icon Item Construction Component Construction Component1
Icon Item Steel Plate Steel Plate13

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