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One of the rarest drones to be summoned by the Space Pirates faction. This crab shaped drone can be called by the SPRT Military Transport. It has not been confirmed whether the Argentavis, Military Minelayer, and Military Escort can summon this drone. However, the chances of it spawning seem to be around to ~7%. It's distinguishing shape and flashing lights, make its presence known. Because it is equipped with a Missile turret, Engineers need to be cautious of their ships' location.

It is armed with 2 Missile turrets and 2 Gatling turrets. Two in the front and two in the rear.

It also appears to be one of the few Large Grid drones to be in the game. outside of the Space Engineers campaign.


Blocks: 854

Non-armor blocks: 121

Conveyors: 89

Thrusters: 49

Lights: 8

Spotlights: 0

Gravity generators: 0

Artificial masses: 0

Triangles: 885,762

Grid mass: 2,067,540

Physical shapes: 655 / 65,536

Ship Name: Eradicator mk.1

Official name: Eradicator_mk.1

Cruise speed 30 meters per second

Reinforcement Drone



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