Conveyor Tube
Icon Block Conveyor Tube

Category:Functional Block

Transports items between inventories.

Fits small ship
Mass:584 kg
Power:80 W

Fits large ship and station
Mass:820 kg
Power:40 W

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The Icon Block Conveyor Tube Conveyor Tube is used alongside several similar blocks to link inventories on a ship or station into a network. Once established, the conveyor network allows items to be easily transferred between blocks and will automatically move items as needed.

For more information about conveyors, see Conveyor system.

The Conveyor Tube is only able to transfer items in a straight line. When intersections or curves are needed, instead use a Icon Block Conveyor Conveyor or Icon Block Curved Conveyor Tube Curved Conveyor Tube, respectively.

A number of indicator lights appear on the fully-built Conveyor Tube, showing whether or not it is connected to an inventory on both sides of the tube, at which point it will change from red to yellow in color.


The Conveyor Tube consumes 40 W of power when placed in large ships and stations and 80 W in small ships. It consumes no power if inactive.


Icon Block Conveyor Tube Conveyor Tube
ComponentLarge Ship/Station
Large Ship/Station
Small Ship
Small Ship
Icon Item Bulletproof Glass Bulletproof Glass4
Icon Item Motor Motor86
Icon Item Small Steel Tube Small Steel Tube1210
Icon Item Construction Component Construction Component4030
Icon Item Steel Plate Steel Plate108


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