Tools are items that the Space Engineer can hold and use. The various ammunition types are also classified as tools in-game.

Currently included items

This is a list of all tools in Space Engineers. Click the tool's name to go to the its page.

Name Status Function
Icon Item Automatic Rifle Automatic Rifle
Fires bullets which damage players and blocks.
Icon Item Grinder Grinder
Disasembles items into component parts
Icon Item Hand Drill Hand Drill
Destroys asteroids to provide resources. Can also destroy blocks.
Icon Item Welder Welder
Constructs blocks from component items
Icon Item 5.56x45mm NATO magazine 5.56x45mm NATO magazine
Serves as ammunition for the Automatic Rifle and Interior Turrets.
Icon Item 25x184mm NATO ammo container 25x184mm NATO ammo container
Serves as ammunition for Gatling Guns and Gatling Turrets
Icon Item 200mm missile container 200mm missile container
Serves as ammunition for Rocket Launchers and Missile Turrets.

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