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Pre-Built Ships are ships that are built either by the world or preloaded on the map. These include the random ships that can spawn if the player chooses to enable the Cargo Ships option. They do not include Random Encounters.

List of Ships

Cargo Ships

These ships are spawned with the Cargo Ships option enabled. They fall into three categories, according to their color scheme and themes of both construction and naming. Turrets on these ships will automatically open fire on players and their ships.

Commerce Mining Military

Default Map Ships

These ships are spawned on certain maps. The Rescue Ship is special in that players will respawn in one if they die without an active Medical Room.

Large Ships Small Ships

Default Map VTOLs (Vertical Take-Off and Landing)

These vehicles are atmospheric craft designed for flight. In Space Engineers these vehicles are in the same role and purpose as Aircraft, such as Helicopters. Currently, the majority of VTOLs may rely on Atmospheric Thrusters although this is not always the case. A Space craft may have VTOL capability, but a VTOL can't be a space craft until it is turned into one.

Large Grid VTOLs Small Grid VTOLs

(To Be expanded)

Default Map ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles)

Usually are wheeled vehicles designed for maneuvering across the surface and sometimes in the ground of a terrestrial body. IE: Moon rover, Mars rover, Scuttler ATV, cars, trucks etc.

Large Grid ATVs Small Grid ATVs
None Currently

Campaign Vessels

Theses vessels appear in the campaign and are used as props for the basic story of the game. Surprisingly, a lot of these vessels are fully functional outside the game world. They also follow a lot of the core mechanics of the game. Meaning they are completely usable outside the Campaign Missions.

  • S.C. 01 (Space Engineer's Vessel)
  • I.T.W. (Frigate)

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