Barb mk.1 front side

Barb mk.1 is a peculiar drone often left behind as a defensive distraction from fleeing Cargo ships. All barb drones as of the date 6/7/2017 belong to the SPRT. faction. It made its first debut with the Argentavis. Originally, the barb was little to barely mobile and served as a drone decoy for ships tailing the Argentavis. Not many patches later other Cargo ships gained the ability to request help from the barb drone. It has a Mass of 13,264 Kg. It contains 304 blocks, 42 non armor blocks, 28 small grid conveyors and 18 thrusters.

Contents & Equipment

  • to be expanded
  • 1x Antenna
  • 1x Beacon (Barb)
  • 2x Landing Gear
  • 304x Light Armor Blocks
  • 1x Gatling Turret (small grid)
  • 2x Gyroscopes
  • 1x Medium Cargo Container
  • 2x Programmable Blocks
  • 1x Remote Control
  • 6x Small Reactors
  • 28x Small grid conveyors
  • 18x Small Ion thrusters
  • 5x Timer blocks


Inventory components and equipment are estimates not actual values. Engineers' results may widely vary.

  • 8x 25x184mm NATO ammo container
  • 6 kg Uranium Ingots


Barb mk.1 front
Barb mk.1 side
Barb mk.1 top
Barb mk.1 top turret
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