Automatic Rifle
Icon Item Automatic Rifle


Fires bullets which damage players and blocks.

Mass:3 kg
Volume:14 L

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The Icon Item Automatic Rifle Automatic Rifle is a tool in Space Engineers.

It's current functionality is mostly aesthetic. Firing at blocks will damage them slightly, as though an object had collided with them, causing Warheads to detonate. The tool's model seems to be loosely based around the G36C Assault Rifle.

The rifle requires ammunition to fire, but has no need to reload. Clicking the left mouse button will fire a short burst, clicking the right mouse button will toggle looking through the sight or firing from the hip. Firing while floating freely in space will result in a slight push opposite of the direction of fire.

The weapon is surprisingly ineffective against other players in Survival mode and has no effect in Creative mode. It can be used more effectively by firing at and detonating Warheads or for when they are far away. Since the rifle has a low damage output against players, the handheld Grinder is a more favorable weapon, assuming one can get close enough to use it.


There are now three upgraded versions of the Automatic Rifle. It is unclear how each upgrade is superior (especially as the rifle has very little in-game purpose), but from their names it is assumed that the Precise Rifle is more accurate, the Rapid-fire Rifle has a higher rate of fire, and the Elite Rifle is better in both respects. Each can be crafted at the Assembler with the recipes listed below, on the "Realistic" setting.

Rifle Upgrades Iron (Fe) Nickel (Ni) Cobalt (Co) Silver (Ag) Platinum (Pt)
Standard 3.00 1.00 0 0 0
Precise 3.00 1.00 5.00 0 0
Rapid-Fire 3.00 8.00 0 0 0
Elite 3.00 1.00 0 6.00 4.00


The automatic rifle has several upgraded variants with different traits.

Each trait has different stats, as shown below.

Rifle Upgrade Damage Rate of Fire Accuracy Suggested Usage
Standard 12 600 Medium When you dont have the stuff to make the others
Rapid Fire 12 900 Low Boarding (multiplayer), spiders, close turrets.
Precise 12 300 Very High Sniping (planets multiplayer), turrets
Elite 12 ~775 High Medium range, turrets, boarding, spiders