Assailant mk.1 starboard

Assailant mk.1 Drone SPRT. SE 1.181.203 6/20/2017

Assailant mk.1 is one of the first attack drones introduced into space Engineers. Their debut into Space Engineers changed the role of pirates from passive to a semi aggressive force. The Assailant mk.1 ironically, is more of a defensive drone spawned by Cargo Ships in order to provide distraction or reinforcement. It however is an easy target for some well placed shots. Recently, they seem to be the average defensive drone Raiding Stations produce.


Assailant mk.1 nose

Assailant mk.1 (Drone) SE 1.181.203 6/21/2017

Blocks: 59

Non Armor blocks: 22

Conveyors: 7

Triangles: 152,203

Grid Mass: 61,781 Kg

Assailant mk.1 charging

Assailant mk.1 SPRT drone SE 1.181.203 6/21/2017


  • 1x Icon Block Beacon Beacon (named "Assailant")


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