Named after the largest flying bird known to have existed in the current fossil record. This ship's debut was notorious for an onslaught and relentless stalking of its prey, the day it was released. The prehistoric bird itself being named after the country it was found in, Argentina. Argentavis is quite possible the most dangerous vessel in Space Engineers at least it was during its debut. Recently, the Argentavis has lost its ability to continually summon other Argentavis. Creating a flock of aggressive Argentavis swarming the Space Engineers.

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For whatever reason the Argentavis will continue to raid its target from a safe distance around 8-12km away but continue to stalk its foe should they try to escape. To stop the onslaught of Incisor, Dyad, and Barb drones. It is recommend that Space Engineers disable the Antenna, "Heavy Drone Manufacturing Started" Producing one of the most dangerous of drones the Dyad.

Upon capture of grinding down of the cockpit, reactor, and medical bay. A series of special Cargo ships may start spawning into the Engineers' world. This would make the Argentavis quite possible the first mini-boss of the Space Engineers' world.



Inventory items are approximations are not exact values. Engineers' results may vary widely.

  • 500x 25x184mm NATO ammo container
  • 300x 200mm missile container
  • 20,000x Steel Plates
  • 1,000x Interior Plate
  • 500x Bulletproof Glass
  • 50x Detector Components
  • 100x Display
  • 300x Explosives
  • 5,000 Kg Ice
  • 300x Girder
  • 50x Gravity Generator Components
  • 700x Large Steel Tube
  • 100x Medical Components
  • 600x Metal Grid
  • 1,000x Motor
  • 400x Power Cell
  • 200x Radio-communication Components
  • 800x Reactor Components
  • 1,500x Small Steel Tube
  • 650x Thruster Components
  • 500x Computer
  • 2,000x Construction Component
  • 110 Kg Uranium Ingot (50 Kg in the Large Reactor)
  • Welder
  • Hand Drill
  • Grinder
  • 3200x Nato Magazine


Appears in learning to survive as commanders ship after defeating the pirate base.


Argentavis beak
Argentavis distant front portside

Argentavis portside
Argentavis rear
Argentavis belly
Argentavis top
Argentavis starboard
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